These rules have been established to ensure the safe, enjoyable and sanitary operation of our facilities. All members are required to review these rules and regulations carefully. Members are requested to caution their family members and guests to observe all rules and obey all instructions by the pool manager and other staff.

Our priority is the SAFETY of all members. Please respect our rules and the direction of our lifeguard staff. If at any time you have questions or concerns about the operation of your pool, please contact an officer of the Board by email.

These rules can be reviewed at any time, and changed with the approval of the Pool Board.

  1. All members must present membership cards at the entrance before entering the pool area and pick up when leaving.
  2. All guests must register at the office window and pay a guest fee.
  3. All guests must be accompanied by a member who will be responsible for their conduct while in the pool area.
  4. Guests who are spectators only will not be charged guest rates.
  5. Failure to use gate tags by anyone other than the member mentioned on the tag will result in membership being revoked.

The Pool Manager, Assistant Manager, and Head Lifeguards are authorized to enforce the above. Including but not limited to demanding that violators of these rules & regulations leave.